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Why Cook Anyway?

Take-In Menus are designed to show you the wide variety of food options from the popular Trader Joe's Neighborhood Market. Giving you a wide variety of quick, healthy, ready-made and easy to prepare meals, snacks, entrees or dessert items in a menu format (just like a restaurant).


Take-In Menus from Trader Joe's, is where we have taken most of the popular foods (Mexican, Italian, American, Asian, and Mediterranean) and created menus that will take the 'good idea' on those quick convenient foods to fast, easy, and solve the “what’s for dinner” dilemma. These menus allow you to have the variety your in the mood for TODAY, not last week (like the home delivery companies offers weeks in advance) and even give you the flexibility to buy the combinations, variety, and the quantity you desire...just in case grandma or a friend decide to pop over.


Sometimes walking into a Trader Joe's can be overwhelming to shop or do a quick pick-up on those handy heat n' serve, and ready to eat meals. Great idea, however; paring and marrying foods or having a well balanced or complete meal can be more then most bargain for when walking through the doors of what you thought was a good, or quick idea. Your not alone, It’s easy to get distracted, and stay focused, especially with all the choices and samples Trader Joe’s offers. 


What makes these take-in menus easy, flexible and convenient is that they have been categorized so you can see some of the 'Mexican' food possibilities that Trader Joe offers. You can decide from the menu list the ingredients, or description , (not the nutritional fact, however; with the item name the nutritional fact are easy to obtain online for those with diet restrictions) to help you  preplan or send your spouse to do the pick-up! By the time you get home most of these packaged foods are minutes away from store, freezer, oven, microwave, or refrigerator to table.

One of our family favorite is  Trader Joe's orange chicken, chicken fried rice, edamame, and ginger snaps for a quick affordable Asian meal in minutes. Again, your in control of how much to purchase based on the serving size, extra mouths to feed or if you want left overs...

These menus also offer a solution: How many times have you heard your relative, co-worker, neighbor or close friend had a baby, surgery, moved, struggling, dealing with a death, etc. and you wished you were able to freely be on that list to commit by taking them a meal? Now you can without sacrificing, overextending, or even spending a single minute in your kitchen to do so! With our uniquely restaurant style format the Take-in Menus offers the ability to not only pick-up fettuccine, pizza, bread sticks, gelato, etc. for an Italian meal, you can also pick-up flowers and a card all in one stop with very little time to waste in the store because you've pre-selected you meal and know exactly what your picking up! And you can use them over and over as the occasions present themselves  Take-In Menus provide a 'thoughtful gift' and solutions to the “what’s for dinner” dilemma. You can also give the menu with a preloaded Trader Joe card (you load it with the amount you decide at a local Trader Joe's store) and they can pick and choose from the menus what they feel like eating! 

Trader Joe's is a registered trademark of Trader Joe's Company Our Take-in Menus are independently written, authored, copy-written and published, and in not sponsored by or endorsed by, or affiliated in any way with Trader Joe's Company 

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