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Greek made easy

May 6, 2019




The other night my son wanted Gyros. I recalled seeing prepared Gyro meat at Trader Joe’s and thought I don’t really care for gyros as much as my husband and son do- So I’ll grab the prepared meat and cut up the fresh tomatoes, onions, lettuce and make a Tazaki sauce with cucumbers, fresh dill and yogurt...although not the healthiest meal on planet earth...But in a pinch with a huge salad being the star of the meal it was pretty good. By the time I dove into gyro I was so full from my salad and only had a bite! That the trick, eat a huge salad first. Not to mention the Trader Joe's alternative was much better then the eatery would of offered! At least this way I got my organic veggies & better quality! So prepared the remaining meal was a very easy & quick meal plus know 100% what was in it! This is only one example of those quick take-in meal ideas. 

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