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The Grocery shopping battle

March 19, 2018

Grocery shopping- we all need to stop at the market at one point in time or another. Whether your a daily, weekly, or by-weekly shopper we all must tend to this task and it can be a challenge for some of us! The choices and aisles dedicated to junk foods, packaged, boxed, jarred, heat n’ serve, convenient, pre-made, now theirs even food bars (sushi, salad, pizza, etc.), deli, and frozen the aisles makes it hard to stay focused and remain calm... the smells, enticing displays, or samples are simply too much!
I literally am walking through the aisle and saying to myself ‘it’s processed’, ‘it contains additives and preservatives’, ‘it might smell good, but it’s crap’, ‘the salad bar is far from fresh’...on and on, this self talk in my head if you will...to keep my cart from bringing home unneeded, unclean, preserved and frankly CRAP...lacking in wholesome goodness and quality...Some people like to pay for a regular maid service, I’d like a person available to shop for me 100% of the time...it’s a nightmare...
My advise: stick to your shopping list. Only shop the perimeter of your grocery store, if you can to avoid those aisles full of processed foods. Limit your choices to ‘REAL’, ‘WHOLE’, and ‘SUPERFOODS’, and make your trips to the market as quick as possible to avoid samples, and smells that might lure you in!  


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