March 19, 2018


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Jalapeños THE POWERFUL little pepper with so much nutrients, and benefits. Below I simply listed a few of the wide variety of
Jalapeños known to protect the heart
Jalapeños aids in weight loss
Jalapeños reduces the risk of cancer
Jalapeños helps lower blood pressure
Jalapeños heals inflammation
Jalapeños helps migraines
Jalapeños promotes a Strong Immune System

Jalapeños are the peppers commonly used to stuffed and deep-fried as a bar snack called jalapeño poppers or chopped up in salsa, in addition they are used in a wide variety of dishes.
Jalapeños are the most popular pepper in the United States
Jalapeños have a spiciness level ranging between 2-3, however; you can remove heat simply by removing the seeds and inner membrane which can reduce the heat
Jalapeños when dried and smoked, it’s called a chipotle chile

I grew-up in a Hispanic home and salsa was always readily available for all our dishes, however; the unpredictable level of heat varied and almost always caused me a little anxiousness of the unknown heat it would add to my food. Because the heat in peppers varied from one batch of salsa to the next, and might I add we never removed the seeds (white membrane) in fact I had never heard of such a thing until we went over some friends house and they were digging out the inside of each jalapeños. That was such a foreign sight because I knew they were tossing out the best part of the pepper. They were tossing the white membrane found on inside each pepper which is where the majority of the nutrition-packed capsaicin are found. Later I did learn that it reduced the fire and it was a common practice not only for stuffing peppers, but before chopping them up for salsa! I also discovered that cooking and roasting also helped reduce the fire as well. In addition roasting them is a great way to add a little smoky flavor.
Funny it took years to discover that and later when I went to my moms and shared this fact she looked and me and said ‘they do what’? Nonetheless, regardless of how you use the jalapeño peppers remember if you can stand the heat, use the seeds.

Jalapeño Pepper Nutrition
One cup of sliced jalapenos (about 90 grams) contains about
27 calories
5.6 grams carbohydrates
1.2 grams protein
0.6 gram fat
2.5 grams fiber
39.9 milligrams vitamin C
0.5 milligram Vitamin B6
719 IU vitamin A
8.7 micrograms vitamin K
42.3 micrograms folate
0.2 milligram manganese
0.1 milligram thiamine
194 milligrams potassium
0.1 milligram copper
1 milligram niacin
0.6 milligram iron
17.1 milligrams magnesium  



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