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What the heck is a Cubxican

March 6, 2018

We had a little embarrassing situation happen to our first born when she was about 6 years old when we were sitting around our dining table, when we happened to be talking about Cuba, Mexico and nationalities... at 6 that’s a big word and at that age kids are so inquisitive! We explained (in very simple terms) its your ethnicity, where your from...she asked what am I? Your Cubxican (Cuban and Mexican). Little did we know in weeks to follow during her class they had students raise their hands to tell where they where from...yep’ you guessed it: she proudly raised her hand as high as it can go and at the top of her sweet voice she says ‘ I ‘m Cubxican’! Oh’ was she ever upset after we picked her up and she said her teacher said there was no such thing!  


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