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Starting Point

March 6, 2018

We are the new kids on the block... Pronounceable Ingredients and food you can say!

Our beginnings started with Pronounceable Ingredients Granola, the best homemade granola this side of the Mississippi and we realized we couldn’t keep something THIS good to ourselves, So we launched our business with one thing in mind: make delicious food without any unnecessary additives, no GMO’s (that stuff scares us), and made with ingredients you can pronounce (those other ingredients are for science fairs) but most importantly-always fresh.

We decided ‘why stop there', so we continued the journey and this is when we decided to merge our two companies together {Pronounceable Ingredients and food you can say}... COOKING and CREATING new RECIPES, FINDING the best KITCHEN GADGETS, and offering our families favorite short-cuts and TIPS.

We create recipes made with ‘real’, fresh and seasonal ingredients. We’re all about delicious, healthy and wholesome meals that anyone can make. At food you can say we believe if you can’t pronounce it, don't use it. Along with making your cooking experience more enjoyable we show you gadgets that work (more like all the ones that DON'T work) and share some amazing kitchen tips and shortcuts. 


Besides helping couples, families, or households (basically anyone who can cook) have the opportunity to experience the joy of cooking again, our other vision at food you can say is to provide consumers with video demonstrations of the uses of kitchen tools/gadgets to make their everyday cooking easier and more enjoyable. We look forward to providing you with fresh recipes, tips, gadgets, products, ideas, and most of all, making your experience in the kitchen more enjoyable. 

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