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March 6, 2018

We love being in the kitchen together and that includes experimenting with all the latest and greatest kitchen gadgets. We like to try, use, and review new gadgets and share our personal opinion to help our family, friends, and consumers see how they REALLY work.

Our goal is to provide video demonstrations of kitchen tools/gadgets to make their everyday cooking easier. At food you can say we are always trying to make the experience in the kitchen be fresh, fun and fulfilling.

Here at food you can say we are kinda nerdy and are continuously researching 100’s of products and comparing prices, quality, and reviews so you don’t have to. With so many new products constantly coming out, we try to stay a step ahead of the game and research the ‘original’, other brands (knock-offs) and compare between the options.

Quite frankly, most of the time the gadgets we review come up short and fail to impress, and remind us that the old-fashioned way is really best. But...every so often the stars align, and a new amazing life altering product is discovered causing us to say ‘where has the product been all our lives?!' Not only do our videos provide product demonstration, but this is where we provide or 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' product reviews, product info, where to purchase, that is if we don't carry it. Unfortunately, as much as we would LOVE to carry all of the products in our store, we are unable to...but we did make sure that we have our absolute favorites in stock for purchase.

**We are not directly affiliated with any of the brands that we sell, nor claim to be. But rather, we strive to help kitchens across America to have an enjoyable experience and prevent you from buying unnecessary gadgets that will end up at Goodwill or at the next years yard sale (been there, done that).  

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