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Calling ALL Realtors

Congratulations! You’ve probably been working with your clients for several weeks to find them their dream home and now it’s time to SHOW your appreciation. Or perhaps your clients home was on the market and it finally sold, and now it’s time to celebrate.

Either way a seller or buyers- a closing gift is one way of saying ‘thank you’ for trusting me as your realtor and finalizing things in a memorable way. 


Their are hundreds of gift ideas for realtors to pick from and most are fairly generic or easy to shop for since you've been working with your client for some time, it's likely that you know quite a bit about your client and you might even be able to gauge a well suited gift according what they’ve shared.


Most agents actually over exhaust themselves in looking for just the right gifts that can say ‘thank you’ and even try to incorporate self-promotion or branding- although well intended these gifts or items you give your client is meant for their use and they likely don't want to see your logo or branding on it, TRUST  that they will remember you when they use the gift without the unnecessary branding. Plus it’s refreshing to the client to be offered a gift solely for there use with zero branding or motive. Saying that, this gift doesn’t need branding,in fact you’ll constantly be remembered because this gift goes beyond thoughtful. It’s useful, creative and believe me you’ll be given credit each and every time it is used.


As a wife of a real estate agent, I personally understand the dilemma my husband went through in purchasing his clients closing gifts he had done everything from welcoming baskets, upscale restaurant gift cards and expensive bottles of wine and although all these are nice and greatly appreciated, I decided to create a very personalized gift that all clients (buyer/sellers) would appreciate, and able to put to use immediately.


Most people when they move the one thing they all have in common is getting order, unpacking and personalizing their new nest. The last thing on the list is dining out at a nice restaurant or trying to figure out what's for dinner. Leaving fast food and pizza deliveries as a top choice during those first few weeks, and eventually these choices are over exhausted and frankly non enjoyable.


Let’s not forget the sellers-Celebrations are in order and this gift will give them the opportunity to celebrate over and over- How can they benefit...celebrations can vary in different levels for different clients, however; let’s face it- we all have one thing in common and that’s eating! I created a charcuterie board menu that offers a wide variety of suggestions for creating a ‘celebration’ board and picking up a bottle of ‘their’ choice wine to go along with ‘their’ selection of pallet choices-  this single charcuterie SPECIAL menu is the perfect celebration gift that can be used over and over, giving your client the opportunity to remember you each time they use it! 


These menus are so powerful because they not only offer a solution to a dinner dilemma - they are not a one time use; it’s the gift that is used over and over and each time without branding will give your clients the opportunity to remember you!

Go to in a nut shell tap at the top of this page for more info and our store to order yours today!  

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