You will receive an elegant yet trendy Take-In Menu Collection Book. Printed on natural white 8 1/2 x 11 regular linen paper along with card stock linen dividers & a clear front cover page to allow for easy wipe-off.  Five of our unique theme meals included in our take-in menus for Trader Joe’s food items. All five cusines are printed and bound in one book! The book is durability and intended to be used over & over! The book comes in a study natural brown (kraft)  paper envelope with a string fastener tie, an attached tangling charm with a "congratulation" personal note that explains

'how to use" our menus along with an attached (paper clipped)  Trader Joe’s gift card ready for you to load the amount you choose for your client(s), friends, housewarming, congratulations, new parents, etc.

​These menus have been beautifully designed just like restaurant menus showing the choices available under each category (Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, and American);

they’ve been carefully created showing the entree, sides, salads, etc. choices from Trader Joe’s amazing variety of meals that are simple to heat and serve with little preparation! Each category shows the item name, simple description as you would find with any restaurant menu (not the nutritional fact, however; with the item name the nutritional fact are easy to obtain

online for those with diet restrictions), nor are all Trader Joe's items included.

 This bundle is sure to please anyone!

 We know once you experience the remedy of  the "What's for dinner dilemma" you will see how this menu service will change your dinner planning and make your life a whole lot easier and most importantly save you time. These Take In Menus make wonderful gifts for the new parents, real estate agents (as client gifts), wedding gifts, co-workers, clients, grandparents,struggling families, recovering loved ones, and friends a 'solution & thoughtful gift' the "What's for dinner" dilemma!

These menu gifts can be given anyone who eats...that means every and anyone! 


 They are thoughtful, trendy, edgy, elegant, sturdy, reusable, useful, and beautifully designed! Say goodbye to trying to find the right gift or a way to serve those people in your life without spending hours trying to find the right gift.

What are you waiting for our next published printing

order- which is DELAYED....order your copy today on our limited supplies.





Trader Joe's is a registered trademark of Trader Joe's Company Our Take-in Menus are independently written, authored, copy-written and published, and in not sponsored by or endorsed by, or affiliated in any way with Trader Joe's Company 






Take-In Menus (Trader Joe's Set)

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