Date Shake

This is such a great shake that is made with only 6 simple ingredients! It’s packed with flavor (the combination of dates and almonds are truly a match made in heaven!).

The dates are tiny bite sizes and with the crushed ice it’s hardly noticeable that you might need to chew a tiny bit (like you would crushed ice). I love making this as a morning breakfast drink or as a late afternoon shake to hold me off until dinner. You’ll need:

Ice (1 glass full)

1 to 2 dashes of cinnamon

a splash of vanilla

3 pitted dates

1 handful of almonds

1 glass of almond milk

To a blender add the dates and blend until they are in tiny pieces. Then add the almonds and blend until they are finely crushed. Add remaining ingredients, blend until it’s frothy and 2 minutes. Pour into a glass with crushed ice (optional) and enjoy.

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