Salsa Bar

Summer BBQ with a fun twist. Grilling chicken for your guest and allowing them to top their chicken with any variety of salsa from a SALSA BAR! Even better have your guest sign-up to bring a (homemade) salsa recipe (signing-up ensures you will have one of a kind (not 20 Pico de Gallo), and make it a contest where the guest vote for their favorite👍🏼 These are my top choices and the pictures shown. Mango Salsa Traditional Pico de Gallo Bean Salsa Guacamole Salsa Pear Salsa Pineapple n’ Blueberry Salsa Peach Salsa Cucumber Salsa Avocado Salsa Pomegranate Salsa Pumpkin Salsa Cranberry Salsa Salsa Verde Kiwi Salsa Corn Salsa Dragon Fruit Grape Salsa Strawberry SalsaJicama Salsa  To name a few…  

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