Motivational Poster

Okay guys this is something I feel ALL my following buddies MUST know. I took all my favorite quotes- the ones that speak to me when I’m low, discouraged, need motivation, feel like quitting, low energy, etc. you get the point. Here goes the easiest project...this is insanely easy! I took screen shots of the quotes and went on my Walgreens photo app. Selected prints, posters & enlargements. Then I clicked posters, Then I clicked board print. I selected 11x14 Then clicked create now. Uploaded my photos from my iPhone that I took screen shots of. Then clicked add selected photos to my poster project. Selected layouts* I picked the one that has 63 small blocks. That means I picked 63 quotes. OMG....are you kidding me, 63 quotes on a poster board!!! I sized them to fit in each block and this was the finished product. Great reminder in my face on my bathroom vanity...what a reminder every time I go in my bathroom. Then it was so cute, I decided to make another one with verses, famous quotes...afterwards I checked out and put in the code and after adding my code it went from $14.99 to $8.99! Best money I have spent on myself in a while! Honestly you’ll thank me later! Great for kitchen, workout room, bathroom...frame it, laminate or just hang it, it’s a good thick poster board so it stands (leans) up on my vanity just fine. All I am hoping for is that we all RE-POST - SO WE CAN let EVERYONE know about this. 63 of YOUR motivation quote project that is worth a GOLDMINE in my option...I was so inspired this morning and thought I HAVE TO SHARE THIS! follow on foodyoucansay on connect (weight watcher app) Cubanoalbe (Facebook) Blog (foodyoucansay) Send me your feedback Enter coupon code MOMSPICS at checkout thru April 21, 2018  


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