Basil Pesto

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BASIL: Basil is one of my favorite herbs to cook with. Not only is it aromatic, I absolutely LOVE the taste. Many Italian dishes contain basil. Although Italian is not my favorite food I enjoy pizzas and a few pasta dishes, especially when pesto is used as the star of the dish. I have tried to grow the plant a few times and have NEVER been successful. I later found out that basil needed LOTS of sunshine, but not scorching heat...this became a challenge since I live in Arizona! Although I thought if I placed it outside in my shading patio it would do its thing...WRONG! It needed plenty of sun- I gave up and decided I’d leave gardening for those with the ‘green-thumb’ gift (definitely not me!). Another thing I found out is basil cannot tolerate cold weather, winds or frost. Such a delicate plant that needed such fragile care became a much appreciated herb in my kitchen! This powerful herb with such an indescribable fragrant aroma and adaptable taste offers a great many favorite family dishes in our home. One of which I am most excited to share our Basil Pesto. This Pesto can be used on pizzas, used as a dip for your favorite veggies and sandwich spread. Beware’ it will spoil you to the point that you may never buy store bought basil pesto again...Its mild and pleasant in taste will also allow you to add them to many of your dishes as a wonderful accent. Our simple recipe and video demonstration will help you make this no fail recipe. We also added a great tomato, basil appetizer video that is simply elegant! Another great way to enjoy the basil pesto recipe is to cut a French bread or crusty roll in half and spread a little pesto add a touch of olive oil, a few leaves of basil and slices of fresh tomatoes and a slice of fresh mozzarella cheese. Or for us Weight Watcher members simply use a slice of tomato (no bread) and spread the basil on the tomato, add a thin slice of low fat mozzarella cheese~absolutely fantastic!!!

Basil is an annual herb that grows to 24” in height with light green silky and tender leaves that appear to be creased.  Originally found in tropical Africa.  Later the herb found its way from India to Europe via the overland trade routes...So get cooking with this amazing herb.  

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