Healthy Habits!

Eating clean is not a trend, this has been something that people have always known since the beginning of time, however; we make bad choices, do a cleanse, go on diet or make resolutions to eat clean. Because even when we’re eating fairly good, or cutting back on fatty meats, and eating whole for the most part, we know that unless we control every single thing that goes in our mouth that at some point in time we stopped eating clean. Over a period of time this happens to all of us- Whether it’s dining out, holidays, laziness, a few too many late night snack attacks that lead to our bodies being invaded by unclean foods, we know it because we feel different. Our bodies are powerful and they do talk to us, we just have to listen. They give us warning signs: we start feeling sluggish, low energy, tired, worn down, crappy, bloated, etc. People realize (including self) the benefits of changing our daily diet, food intake, being consciously aware, planning, making wiser choices, cutting out processed, artificial, foods and removing processed foods, eating out less, or buy foods directly from the source that it has greater-lifelong benefits and not a trend, but a way we all should live by. Eating clean does change the way we eat, how much we consume, and even when we eat. It encourages altering our diet so that we can eat ‘fresh’ (real) foods that are packed with nutrients giving our body real fuel and as a result were not only satisfying our belly, but also we are giving our bodies a different opportunity or chance if you will- of reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, numerous types of cancers, and a great deal of other health issues. Eating clean is simply being aware of everything we put in our mouths, what’s on our plates, being selective of the places we dine at. Just because it’s fancy, it does not mean it’s always good. Staying away from prepackaged products, because it’s these items that usually have additives, fillers, or other unnecessary products that our bodies simply don’t need. Remember to read labels if you opt to have a product that has been prepackaged. My rule of thumb (always) is...IF YOUR CAN PRONOUNCE IT-don’t eat it AND LIMIT those times!  

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