Eating clean will ALWAYS make you feel better!

Local Buys Buying local (farmers markets, or local) is healthier choice and most likely has not had the opportunity to travel or several people handling the product such as a receiving, packaging plant, waiting to be processed, displayed or simply hanging out in a poor environment! Sometimes the prices are less at a farmers market then you’d pay at the supermarkets, however; there have been times some items are a few cents more then you would at the grocery store-it’s worth it! Not only are you supporting your local farmers, you are also getting produce that has not been traveling from truck-to-truck, exposed to those fumes, poor enclosed environments or sitting around way too long- you think your eating FRESH, but are you really?  Keep in mind often times you might see a truck selling say oranges right on the side of the road on your way home- BE CAREFUL...these items have been exposed to fumes from all the traffic and cars driving through, how old are these oranges, are they really local? ASK...never be afraid to ask and look them up, is the information correct...does the farm really exist? ASK...

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