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Rarely does a day goes by without people talking, posting, or seeing it on the news, channels and articles about ‘food’ discoveries. Be it good foods OR bad foods. One day coffee is good for us, and wine helps the heart, the next day eggs are too high in cholesterol...eat it, don’t, bad, good, fried, baked, processed, trans-fats, GMOs, organic, superfood, artificial, additives, ‘real’, natural and on and on...We begin to wonder if it’s ‘real’ or when the packaging changed and they add NOW (made with ) REAL, then I ask ‘what the heck was it before’?! Honestly ones gotta wonder if it’s good, bad, should I and could I, and the biggest issue for me is when did a quick trip to the store become such a chore! I can’t send my husband to the store to pick up yogurt with getting a text or a picture sent to me asking ‘is this one okay’? One day researchers find good effects on certain foods, the next it’s too high in calories, or not enough protein... Just when I get on board and stop eating eggs they tell me it’s okay to start eating more of them...the conclusion I have had to come to believe, or come at peace with, is that all foods regardless of natural or good for you must be eaten with measure. In the same way we must also be aware that just because it’s a God given food we MUST keep in mind that an orange is natural and a God given food, yet it doesn’t mean you eat ten of them, because an intelligent person knows ‘yes’ an orange is a good and natural choice but it will turn into sugar, so eating one as oppose to ten are quit a difference! Similarly, olive oils can be a healthy choice as oppose to animal-derived fats such as butter or lard, however; this doesn't mean you go and drink a cup of it or drench your food in it! I strongly believe the follow rules when eating regardless or news, media and discoveries: EATING Sensible Make wise choices Make sure you know what your putting in your body... Can you pronounce it? Do you know what it is? Is it good for you? And keep your portion control at the forefront of EVERYTHING you put in your mouth.... Finally, STOP buying or bringing food into your home that you know you’ll regret later... 

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