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Definition: A charcuterie board most often consists of a variety of meats and cheeses and often fruit or nuts; essentially a meat and cheese board! 

Italians generally refers to salted and dry-cured meats, such as salami. Charcuterie in France is generally cooked meats, for instance, pates. However, nowadays you may find both on what a restaurant calls a Salumi or Charcuterie platter.

Whatever your pallet desires we have created a 'SINGLE' Take-In Menu offering you the basic elements from Trader Joe's selections of specialty items to create your very own charcuterie board in the simplest possible way because it shouldn’t ever feel daunting, but rather a flavorful occasion for any elegant or celebratory event to a simple afternoon delight! With the proper food choices and basic guidelines it will make your shopping experience an exciting time, and hopefully one that leads to a whole new way of enjoying a wide variety of specialty foods and celebrating occasions without the use of the boring chips n' dips!

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