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Hi! I’m Aide-a recipe developer. I LOVE cooking, organizing, natural remedies and nutrition. I am also a mother of three wonder children, was a high-school teacher, founder of Food you can say, Take-In-Menus, an Arizona mobile chef for events and catering services and a blogger.


I live in Phoenix, Arizona, though I’m originally from San Diego, California. Besides cooking I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, swimming, and creating new traditions. I am known to be spontaneous, adventures, crazy, unpredictable and funny.

I am married to an amazing man from Havana, Cuba. We’ve enjoyed the past 38 years together and one of our absolute favorite pastimes is gathering around our dining table and enjoying our crazy family.

Growing-up in a Hispanic home with a mother that is a well seasoned cook I learned at a very young age that the kitchen, recipes, cooking and baking all had one thing in common-versatility; if the recipe called for a certain ingredient and you wanted to alter, substitute, replace or change the recipe to adapt to your taste this was perfectly fine to do.
It wasn’t until after I got married that I started to acquire a passion and appreciation for my own kitchen and cooking. I recall before internet, google and food network checking out cookbooks at the local library- I would thumb through dozens of cookbooks weekly just looking for recipes I wanted to try based on the pictures because I knew that if I attempted the recipe it was already a win for trying and I always invited the challenge. I loved taking recipes that looked good and incorporated my mother’s method of never allowing myself to be intimidated or ridged about following any recipe or becoming turned off because of certain ingredients-I simply adapting them to my taste, replacing ingredients, quantity, and most always this had tremendous results and often times it was adapted so much that it was an entirely different recipe all together!

This passion invited the opportunity to visit cooking stores, and local markets pretty frequent that I began to acquire quite a nice collection of kitchen gadgets, appliances, pot, and pans that before long my kitchen became my ‘playground’ where I create, perfect, blend, toss, simmer, cook, combine, incorporate and watch ingredients marry and become one in flavors and textures. It was so intriguing that I began writing down my concoctions, creations, dishes, casseroles, plates, and one pot wonders because I realized sometimes it takes me months, even years to cycle back to making it again and by that time I knew I would forget!
It was during one of our visits to a local market that my daughter took me to where she picked up some of her favorite granola- I had no idea about this new found love until that day that she invited me to come along. As she scooped her granola I quickly glanced at the 6 ingredients marked on the bin and thought ‘what’s the big idea’! That week I set out to make her a surprise batch with 21-ingredients! YES, 21 let me tell you when she had that first taste it rocked her world so much so that she had me making batches of this all the time...and this is how Food you can say came to be...
Our journey started with 21-ingredients bake at home granola company. We wanted to offer everyone the same Granola experience we have had for years of baking fresh batches of fresh aromatic granola to local restaurant kitchens throughout the valley. With so many home delivery kits we thought why not offer granola...Brilliant idea...Right? We thought so! Wait for it...Distribution, packaging, warehouse plant and still a few detail... For now we’ll just say it’s still the best damn granola in town & the best restaurant item on the menu! 

Between all these sweet adventures I decided to start a website where I would be able to share my insight, recipes, etc. so if it’s for the kitchen be it appliances, gadgets, foods, benefits, recipes, cooking, baking, or tips you’ll be sure to find it on food you can say.

I had over 45 years experience in the kitchen, I am a food developer and creator- I have learned a great number of tips, shortcuts, and created a number of ‘mother-savers’.

I created Take-In Menus for those ‘what’s for dinner’ dilemmas’, where I offer menus for Mexican, Italian, American, Mediterranean, Asian meal choices from Trader Joe’s to help people take the fuss out of cooking, eating out, long shopping trips, brain fogs, or simply spending too much time trying to figure it out! These Take-In Menus are the next best thing- It’s not home delivery company offering you the ingredients to cook (most times people don’t wanna cook), it’s not greasy fast food, or expensive restaurants, or recipes offering you the opportunity to shop, prep and cook followed by kitchen clean-up, although I welcome this chore I understand I am amongst the rare breeds. Or most folks that do enjoy cooking can  not do it daily, so I created a way that offers putting food on the table in a much simpler way.

About the recipes

All of the recipes you’ll find on food you can say are developed, altered or passed down (unless otherwise noted). I love experimenting in my kitchen and creating new, healthy and delicious recipes, or from time-to-time the authentic version! Both are good, at least for a few recipes I dare to change or alter: such as my moms perfect carnitas or calabasitas recipes!

 I develop my recipes through good old fashioned trial and error as my mamma taught me. But whether I get it right the first time or NEVER, I make sure every recipe I post are authentic, my real picture of the food (unless sharing a recipe, whereas I will give credit), and the up-most quality. I think you’ll find that most of my recipes are easy, with ingredients you can pronounce and find at the grocery, and always flavorful! That said, being Hispanic and as stated 'authentic' some recipes that have been passed down through the years will offer the 'true' form (deep-frying) as where I will give you my alternative, or not-BALANCE is the key, sometimes you just gotta go for it!  I am sure to guarantee you one thing- you’ll find an enormous amount of variety and flavors in my recipes to satisfy most pallets

 I am hoping you'll enjoy sharing my journey

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gain insight,

discover new recipes,

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